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11/07/2017 - Features

Beauty EQ reviews our Physiolift range...

An anti-ageing skincare range ideal for anyone with sensitive, yet ageing skin.

Brimming with active ingredients designed to kick butt when it comes to smoothing wrinkles, blurring dark spots and reducing open pores that will not cause the skin to react.

What's in it?
Hyaluronic acid fragments that temporarily fill fine lines. A powerful antioxidant vitamin E (pre-tocopheryl), and low levels of retinaldehyde (vitamin A) which helps boost cell turnover promoting skin radiance. Finally, Shea butter and a collagen making brown algae extract (ascofilline) that give ageing skin a much-needed hydrating boost.

Why do we like it?
We very rarely use an entire range from the same family, however, after three weeks our skin is feeling so nourished and without any itchy patches (which we often experience when we chop and change our skincare), it's simple, luxurious skincare that is gentle yet active. The Wrinkle Filler and Eye Contour Cream are keepers; I am excited to see what they will do three months down the track. The day cream is now in my travel makeup bag, as my skin is often becoming sensitive and dehydrated when flying and having late nights.

If you would like to know more about Beauty EQ Physiolift range review, visit Beauty EQ website.

Photo credit @BeautyEQ.
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