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04/05/2018 - The Web Journal

8 rules when caring for your acne prone skin

If we don't take action, acne might disappear on its own or ... it might stick around. Don't wait to find out and act now.

Cleanse your face twice a day, morning and evening, with a no-rinse water or gentle cleansing gel for Oily and Acne prone skin. It is important that your cleansing product has a sebum-regulating effect to help reduce excess sebum. But be careful! Excessive cleansing may make it worse.
Choose a dermocosmetic product. This will ensure that you don't end up using a comedogenic product that will make the acne worse. Specially adapted cosmetic products for Oily and Acne prone skin are an essential part of treatment for acne, and are sometimes even “all that is required for early acne”, according to Dr Sandra Ly, dermatologist and practician at CHU Hospital Bordeaux (Pharmacists Review, April 2013).
Speak to your gynecologist.  It is no secret to dermatologists and gynecologists that certain types of contraceptive pill, particularly those containing nortestosterone derivatives, may exacerbate acne while others can have a more soothing effect. Depending on the case, changing your pill may play a role in your anti-acne strategy.
Be patient. Even if you follow the treatment that your doctor recommends, it may take several months before yousee a change. It is worth the wait however! Patients see “60% improvement after 6 months and 80% improvement after 8 months", according to Doctor Philippe Abimelec, a member of the French Society of Dermatology.
Choose a “concealing” make-up. This kind of make-up is specially designed to cover up blemishes, and it should also be non-comedogenic. It is intended to hide acne lesions without exacerbating the problem. If you are undergoing drug treatment, wait one hour after applying your treatment before doing your make-up.
Manage stress. Stress is believed to provoke acne flare-ups, presumably by increasing the activity of nerve endings around the sebaceous glands. In order to lower your stress levels, ensure you get regular exercise (or just walk as much as you can during your usual daily routine) and allow yourself some time for relaxation at work - a few minutes every two hours or so. You could even try some short relaxation exercises based on breathing (Respirelax on your smartphone can help) or try therapeutic coloring books for adults, which are all the rage nowadays!  Anything is worth trying to combat stress.<
Avoid the sun
. At least, without adapted protection. Although a little bit of sun may have a positive effect  due to the bactericidal effects of UV rays and the way that a tan can hide lesions, sunbathing is always followed by an acne flare-upa few weeks later.
Hands off! The advice that parents give their teenage children all the time also goes for adults who are suffering from late onset acne. If you do touch your spots, they may leave long-term scars. 

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