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Did you know that the signs of aging are not the same throughout life? The first signs of skin aging are wrinkles, fine lines, lack of radiance and loss of elasticity, wrinkles eventually widen to form deep furrows and skin loses its firmness. Discover products that are made for you.

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  • The main techniques include :
    - Peelings, of variable depths ;
    - Laser dermabrasion, various techniques ;
    - Exposures to various types of light, laser and non-laser ;
    - Injections with wrinkle fillers: Collagen or Hyaluronic acid ;
    - Botox injections for deep expression wrinkles.
    - Cosmetic surgery: In some cases, face and neck lifts, eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty), are justified.
    The decision to use one technique over another is based on individual consultation. There are differences in skin aging, expectations and needs.

  • At menopause, there is a cessation of ovarian secretion, including estrogen which plays a positive role on skin tone and thickness. Therefore, menopause is one of the factors in skin aging but less important than sun exposure.

  • It is proven that smokers experience skin changes that lead to premature skin aging: wrinkles, yellow complexion (more reasons to stop smoking or not start).

  • Many dietary supplements contain vitamins, amino acids and minerals and claim anti-aging properties, usually through protection from free radicals.

  • Yes, indeed, it is impossible to have the same skin at 60 than at 20. However, what we discussed earlier makes it possible to correct consequences of skin aging, specifically related to sun exposure. So keep smiling, an excellent anti-aging!

  • In time, the skin loses its structure. As a result, it gets dehydrated more easily, more fragile and it is more vulnerable to external aggressions (climatic, pollution, ill-suited skin products …). It is therefore necessary to moisturize it using the right dermo-cosmetic products and restore its defective hydrolipidic film.


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