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Essential Care

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A range of skin care and hygiene for all sensitive skin types. Gentle on skin, respects your skin's sensitivity.

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  • The Pierre Fabre epidemiology research department conducted a survey in 8 European countries (285 M people). The results showed that:
    • This issue affects both women and men.
    • Nearly 100M people are affected.
    • More than one in 3 people claim to have sensitive skin.
    • 66% of people claiming to have sensitive skin have an underlying skin disorder.

  • Several factors are involved:
    - Using ill-suited cosmetic products
    - Environmental factors: pollution, wind, sun…
    - Lifestyle: Stress, tobacco…

  • Yes, indeed.
    • Dehydrated sensitive skin: Tight skin and discomfort act as reminders
    • Sensitive dry and very dry skin: The skin’s key protective functions are weakened, small lines appear…
    • Sensitive skin, slightly combination or oily: Small shiny areas on the wings of the nose and the top of the cheeks appear…
    • Skin sensitive to the environment: The smallest upset bothers it and causes it to react.

  • The first step is to reduce or avoid, whenever possible, factors that trigger this sensitivity.
    - Use cosmetic products specifically formulated for sensitive skin
    - Avoid irritating and drying cleansers.
    - If hard faucet water bothers your skin, use gentle, no-rinse products and following cleansing, spray a fine mist of thermal spring water on your skin.
    - Select products that are as neutral as possible: Minimum number of ingredients, no alcohol…
    - Do not use products containing certain key ingredients known to be irritating.

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