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12/05/2020 - Product news


Winter is the ideal time to switch up your beauty routine with targeted treatments and indulgent creams.

It's the nature of my profession; that I get to try most new beauty buys, and this latest firming and lifting collection has helped me streamline my routine while boosting the radiance in my skin says Editor Trudi Brewer.

Winter brings with it the usual host of skin stressors, including dryness, dullness and sensitivities. It's the ideal time to switch up your beauty routine with targeted treatments and indulgent creams. New DermAbsolu from Avène contains some of the most active ingredients used in age erasing skincare, including vanilla polyphenols that boosts the natural synthesis of hyaluronic acid, (HA) and provides antioxidant benefits. A skincare superhero, HA can absorb up to 1,000 times its weight in water, which is why it's a trusted moisture magnet. Sytenol, is the radiance-boosting ingredient, the first plant-derived (from the Babchi plant, used in Chinese medicine) natural alternative to retinol (vitamin A), it helps speed up cell turnover, which boosts collagen growth, and improves dullness and dark spots. While glycoleol, has a 'reservoir' effect in the skin helping to fight that inevitable dryness most ageing skin faces. Finally, as with all Avène skincare, this new range is no exception; the base is the soothing thermal spring water. Here's my daily routine.

To check out the full article: https://www.beautyeq.co.nz/new-blog/2020/5/11/eau-thermale-avne-dermabsolu
Photo Credit: Beauty EQ

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