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24/08/2020 - Product focus

DermAbsolu: a beauty care ritual adapted to the most sensitive skins

Forget signs of aging let's talk about signs of living!

Free from her constraints, today’s woman is proud of her convictions, confident and more aware of her own needs, of what she likes and what suits her best, she is more fulfilled and radiant at 50 than she was at 20, and it shows. 

Forget signs of aging let's talk about signs of living!

She wants effective, high-quality skincare products that enhance her natural glow and inner beauty. She knows there is no escaping the passage of time but she is not afraid of getting older. At a time when we are all refocusing on the essential and fundamental elements of life, Eau Thermale Avène helps women become who they really are, without trying to change them.
The goal is no longer to fight the aging process but to age as gracefully as we can, proud of the little signs on our skin that bear witness to a life well-lived, overflowing with moments of joy, happiness, and emotion. However, with time, the skin becomes finer and less supple, lines become more prominent, and the complexion duller, less youthful.
While the aging process is well known, Avène Dermatological Laboratories have gone even further in research and associate a trio of ultra-effective active ingredients.

To check out the full article: https://lepetitjournal.com/auckland/sante/dermabsolu-beauty-care-ritual-...

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