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Baby’s skin is very fragile. Caring for it, especially cleansing, baths and diaper changes are special moments of sharing filled with love.

Whatever your skin type, specific factors might trigger or lead to oversensitivity: Your skin reacts strongly when you’d rather it didn’t…

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Baby’s sensitive skin

Baby’s skin plays a double role :
-First, a relational role since from birth, it is through skin-to-skin contact that baby gets acquainted with the world around him. Before he can see this world, he feels it through his skin.
-Then, a protective role since the skin prevents excessive water, protein, minerals and heat losses and microbes and bacterias from getting in….
It is easy to understand that the skin must be “strong and resistant” in order to fulfill its barrier function correctly, meaning in good health.

But the fact is that at birth, it is particularly soft, velvety, fine and therefore fragile, tender, vulnerable.
Even when healthy, the skin barrier is far from being an absolute barrier. As a consequence, one has to be very careful with baby’s skin, it requires all your attention and a lot of gentleness.
Its natural fragility can cause small or large concerns.
Small and large concerns
There are many enemies, you may as well be aware of them:
-Cleansers that contain surfactants to eliminate impurities can be irritating (colorants, preservatives…)
-Urine and feces that stay in contact with the skin over a long period of time,
-The sun, it can burn baby’s skin or cause it to become dehydrated. You have to be careful at all times.
-A trauma (even a seemingly light one like removing a band aid ), a scratch, a burn, even superficial, can cause a small lesion that could quickly let an infection in….)

High tolerance products
Cleansing, baths and diaper changes are special moments of bonding with baby;
By combining skin cleansing with your baby’s emotional life, you can create special moments of softness, love and sharing.
It is crucial to choose the safest products for him:
-Formulated with a minimum number of ingredients selected for their great softness and perfect tolerance,
-Fragrance-free, colorant-free, alcohol-free, paraben-free,
-Tested under pediatric and dermatological controls,
-Suitable for the most fragile skin,
-Very high tolerance.


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